10 September 2013

Big Rob's Take: Uribe Smokes the D'Backs

My dad, Big Rob, is on the Uribe beat...


After the 2010 season Juan Uribe signed a three year $21 million dollar contract with the Dodgers. Uribe played like a first class bum for two years. Now, in the final year of his contract Uribe is playing very well, especially in the field, and he is hitting .279.

Last night, Uribe had four hits including three home runs. He drove in four runs. Ramirez, Gonzalez and Ethier also hit home runs. The Dodgers crushed the D’Backs 8-1. Ricky Nolasco pitched 6.1 strong innings and allowed only one unearned run.

Uribe’s 2010 signing was destined to go on the heap of uber bad deals dreamed up by good ole Ned Colletti. (Jason Schmidt three years, $47 million, Juan Pierre five year, $44 million, and Andruw Jones two year, $36 million). How Colletti survived these debacles is beyond me. The worst in my opinion was Schmidt. A blind man could have seen there was something wrong with him.

If the Dodgers win the World Series, the Uribe signing will be forgiven. I just hope Ned does not lose his brain and offer Uribe another three-year contract.

Notes: I really dislike the name Diamondbacks. I think the team ownership realizes that it’s a dumb name for a ball club. Evidence of this is how they have cut the name down to D’Backs. The team should have been named either the Phoenix Firebirds which was the name of the triple A club or Arizona Apaches with the head of a screaming Geronimo as the mascot. I prefer Apaches, political correctness be damned.


Thanks, Big Rob. Note that the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the management... I actually like that they're the D'Backs if only for this low-hanging fruit:

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