19 September 2013

Big Rob's Take: The Fruits of Victory and a Dip in the Pool

Big Rob's take:

My fellow Dodger fans, I am at a loss for words. After years of suffering under the heel of the heel McCourt, we have been delivered from the hands of Pharaoh.

Today, the Dodger went ahead in the third when Hanley Ramirez hit a three run homerun. In the other half of the third, the D’Backs (whose name should be the Apaches) came back with six runs off Nolasco. The beast Goldschmidt drove in two that inning. The Dodgers mounted a comeback lead by Hanley and AJ Ellis. The final was 8-7 and the West was theirs. It was a pleasure to hear the Great Vin Scully commenting on the victory after the last out was recorded.

The Dodgers went into the club house to celebrate and a short time later, they ran out onto the field and jumped into the Diamondback (Apache) pool:

Miguel Montero and Gibby were probably steamed (editor's note: "F*** 'em - serves those headhunters right."). I’m sure this will not be the last time we will hear about this antic. Rabid Dodger fan Tolete commented that the Dodgers had probably urinated in the pool. I’m sure we will get a report tomorrow regarding the pool’s PH level. 

I hope this does not bring on The Curse of the Chase Field Pool.

The Dodgers have been shaky the last ten games. They should use the remaining games to rest some of the gimpy starters. It would be nice to have the best record in the National League but it would be better to go into the playoff with everyone healthy.

(Editor's note: the team with the best record in the NL has not won the WS since the Atlanta Braves pulled it off in 1995 - 18 years ago! Big Rob is right. Rest. Rest. Rest.)

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