01 August 2013

Big Rob's Take on Yanks/Dodgers Game 2

Big Rob's back:


August 1, 2013

Kuroda Shuts Down Dodger Machine

Yesterday I forgot to mention how much I dislike when ball players wear their hats with a flat bill. Where this style comes from I will never know and that is all I am going to say about ball player fads and
styles, less I upset the editor-in-chief and lose this high-paying gig.

Dodgers lost in the ninth when Belesario and Paco gave up runs and then they failed to score in their half of the inning.

As usual, Kershaw was brilliant, tossing eight scoreless innings. I wonder how a pro like Kershaw feels when he goes out every five days, pitches his heart out and the team does not score for him.

Hiroki Kuroda also pitched a great game. Hiroki is an innings eater. I thought he pitched very well in 2011. His ERA was 3 that year. The Dodgers didn’t give him any run support.  He was 36 years old after the 2011 season. A pitcher, once he reaches 36 is usually on his way down. It seemed like a smart move to let him go but I suspect it was less about smarts and more about McCourt not wanting to pay him.

Dodgers had a chance in the 7th but Gonzalez was overcome by Puig disease and was thrown out from you to me while trying to stretch a single into a double. I’m thinking of calling him the Tijuana Tortoise.

The Dodgers flew to Chicago after the game. They will play four with the Cubs.  The Cubs are a bad team and hopefully they can take four from them.

Word has it that Good Ole Matt Kemp’s ankle is still swollen and he is still limping. I think they should lock him in a padded incubator for the rest of the year.


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