12 August 2013

Big Rob's Take: Dodgers Steamroll Rays

Big Rob's take:

A very good Tampa Rays team came to the ravine this weekend. The Dodgers made short work of them.

On Friday, due to some bad defense and Chris Capuano, the Dodgers were down early 6-0. I was dead tired and thinking it was a lost cause, went to bed. I tried listening to the game while in bed but Steiner put me to sleep like the sandman. Next morning, I got up early for a walk and soon learned that they had scored four in the ninth and won. It appears that these Dodgers can do nothing wrong.

The Dodgers are now 17 games above .500 with a 7.5 game league over Arizona and they are beginning to run away in the west. Someone should check the toilet in Donny Baseball’s office to see if his stools are golden too. It seems that only the shaky defense can stop the Dodgers.

Yesterday I tuned in the watch Kershaw and hoped they would hit for him. Turns out Kershaw would only need the two runs he drove in to win. Kershaw breezed through the game with the exception of the 5th inning when he allowed a run on two hits. Dee Gordon tried his best to help the Rays by committing three errors but try as he might, Kershaw would shut down Gordon the rally starter.

Puig Dolt Notes: In the first game Puig made back to back wild throws from the outfield to home plate, twice missing the cutoff man and allowed the runner to advance. Later in the dugout, Adrian Gonzalez could be seen giving Puig a tongue lashing. In last night’s game, Puig missed the squeeze sign. He also must have missed Tim Wallach, the 3rd base coach, whispering in his ear that the squeeze was on.


Thanks, Big Rob!

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