14 August 2013

Big Rob's Take: Dodgers Slay All Before Them

My dad, Big Rob, back with more thoughts on the indestructible Dodgers:


Last night the Dodgers faced off against a very good pitcher, Matt Harvey of the Mets. Harvey has the second best ERA in the National League. The Dodger lineup, sans Ethier and Ramirez, eventually wore him down and the team won 4-2. Hyun-Jin Ryu is now 12-3 with an ERA under 3.

The Great Vin Scully use to say, “hitting gets the headlines and pitching gets the job done.” In baseball, truer words have never been spoken. The other Los Angeles team who plays in Anaheim should take note. Much has been said about the hitting of the Cuban Rocket, Hanley, and Gonzalez but the reason for the Dodgers' success lies in the pitching staff. They are untouchable right now. We have to hold our breath tonight though because Capuano is pitching.

I was watching one of games this past weekend and they showed a panoramic view of the stadium from the upper deck behind home plate. The stadium was full. A year ago they would show the stands and it looked like a Marlins game. Last night they sold 46,000 tickets. I thought the damage done by the Beantown Carpetbagger and the thugs beating poor fans into comas was irreversible. A great deal of praise and thanks is owed to the new Dodger management.

Do you remember when, during the McCourt era, our best off-season signing was Jamey Carroll? McCourt is very, very bad man who should be turned into a jack-in-the-box.

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