05 August 2013

Big Rob on the Dodgers' Sweep of the Cubbies

Big Rob's back...

Dodgers Sweep Cubbies / Game Four Pyrrhic Victory

The Dodgers take a four game series in Chitown. It was all about pitching. I am worried about the hitting again. They only had two hits in yesterday’s game. Hanley Ramirez was taken out of the game in the 7th when he hurt his shoulder catching a foul ball. Ramirez went head first into the stands.

Does it sometimes seem that ball players are made of glass? (Ed. Note: Nope, just bones, muscles, and cartilage -- which, last time I checked, were not indestructible substances.) I was checking the reports this morning and all they say about Ramirez is that he has a jammed shoulder. An MRI will be performed today. Let us hope it is only a minor injury and not the beginning of a return to the first two months of the season.

I think it was the second game when the Cuban Rocket received a walk while Punto was already on third. The Cuban Rocket took off from first then stopped half way to the bag. It appeared that he was intentionally trying to get in a rundown so Punto could score a play that works well in the Majors... the Little League Majors. Poor Puig, if you cut his head off you couldn’t make him any dumber. Things didn’t work out and Punto was thrown out trying to score. I was communicating with a baseball authority a few days ago and he brought up a good point. A year ago the Cuban Rocket was living in the workers’ paradise (Cuba) and playing baseball for food money. I’m sure he experienced great difficulties in his quest for freedom and the American dream. A year later he is a millionaire living in America. He is only 22 years old. If you tame a wild horse, he will lose much of his spirit. Let’s not tame him. I noticed after he dove for a ball in the outfield that he was wearing a medallion the size of a manhole cover. I have also heard that he bought himself a Rolls Royce and he is living in a 5 star hotel downtown.

I can see him being broke a few years after his playing days are over.

Andre Ethier played in three of the four games. He went 3 for 9 in the games in which he played and drove in no runs. He left 5 runners on base.

(Ed. Note: Big Rob must have forgotten to mention that Ethier walked 4 times and was hit by a pitch, meaning that his on-base percentage for the series was over .500. Curse of the Piazza recommends that Ethier bat higher up in the order so his on-base skills can be optimally utilized. On days where Crawford and Puig get days off, we've seen a lot of Schumaker and Mark Ellis at the top of the lineup. They should just stick Ethier at number 2 on those days and keep the Scrappy Doos at the bottom of the order.)

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