23 July 2013

Big Rob's Take: From 'wait till next year' to 'who would have thunk it?'

Today, COTP's guest columnist Big Rob (my dad), shares his own Dodgerly bewilderment and glee:

Greeting long suffering Dodger fans,

It’s been some time since my last guest column. You remember: the one in which I was excited about the new baseball season and the Yankees west.

The first two months of the season, the Dodgers tore my heart out and stabbed it with a dagger.  I was beginning to sing, "Wait Till Next Year."

When they brought up Puig (aka The Cuban Missile [ed. note: they need to rename the RF Field section the Bay of Puigs]) my thoughts were, "the guy is exciting like a wild horse but they are still losing."

He was a distraction like a cruise missile fired at an empty tent.  It took a few games but the energy this wild guy brought became contagious (not to mention Ramirez coming back from the DL breathing fire).

The Dodgers were in first place for about three hours two days ago (ed. note: they're now alone in first place) Not bad for a team that was in last place just a month ago. I have to be honest and point out that every team in the west stinks.

I had the pleasure of watching the Dodgers sweep the Nats this weekend. Kemp came back from the DL and went 3-4 with a homerun but late in the game he reverted to his base running bonehead ways. He did not hustle while running from third to home. When he realized he had to hustle he twisted his ankle while stepping on the plate and the catcher’s shoe.

What’s a matter Matty, they aint paying you enough? Is Puig’s base running bone headedness contagious?

I am cautiously optimistic and hoping this will be the year we lift the curse. Even the curse of the Bambino was lifted.   If the Dodgers can manage a playoff spot, there is no telling how far the starting pitching can take them.


Thanks, Big Rob!

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