31 July 2013

Big Rob's Take on Dodgers/Yanks Game 1

Dodgers Squeak by Yanks

Another well pitched game last night, by both sides. The Dodgers prevailed in the 9th on an M. Ellis base-hit. The Great Vin Scully was telling old time Yankee/ Dodger stories all night. It was heaven. What will become of us when the Great One retires?

Before the game, I heard that the Dodgers had signed Brian Wilson. I was hoping it was the Beach Boy but soon learned it was the former Giant weirdo closer. Don’t we have enough with Puig? This brings me to one of my pet peeves about many ball players. Most business professionals go to work well dressed and groomed.  Ball players, on the other hand, wear ropes and plastic necklaces around their necks. They are often unshaven. They wear their jerseys unbuttoned and many look like cons on parole.

(Ed. note: I think players with personalty are a fun novelty and make the game more interesting.)

Several years ago they began wearing long pants, the sox and stirrups no longer visible, the hems of the pants resting on the shoes, the gangster/criminal style of wearing pants. Of course this is a result of the criminal element of the country joining the mainstream in the form of music video and the tradition of the youth emulating celebrities.

Maybe if the players on the field didn’t look like riff raff, there would be less riff raff and the stands.

(Ed. note: I respectfully disagree with this assertion. Long pants are nothing new and are not indicative nor reflective of criminal undertones.)


  1. Young Rob, 26yrs ago I was in the county jail, on the right side of the bars, observing the mannerisms and styles of the criminal element. Don't be so quick to dismiss 29yrs of experience.

  2. Fair retort: Don't be so quick to dismiss the evolution and redefinition of style of the past 30 years.