29 July 2013

Big Rob's Take on Dodgers/Reds

Big Rob is back with his thoughts...

Dodgers Take Three of Four from Reds

The Dodgers won in dramatic fashion yesterday. The Cuban Rocket hit a walk off home run in the 11th. I did not get a chance to watch the game but I imagine the Great Vin Scully must have been thrilled with the pitching duel. The Red’s Cingrani gave up only one hit in seven innings. Copuano and the pen were great.

There has been a lot of talk on social media about the Cuban Rocket and his antics. I will just say this, Puig is a jackass but he is our jackass.

This series with the Reds was a big test for the re-born Dodgers. Washington and Toronto were two teams that were struggling but the Reds came into town with a full head of steam. The Dodgers faced
excellent pitching and prevailed.

Today is a day off for the Blue. Dodgers face the Yanks on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Yanks are a
shadow of their former selves.

Ethier’s poor clutch hitting.

Puig   188 AB 23 RBI

Uribe  214  30

AJ Ellis 250  32

M.Ellis  268 33

Ethier   351 AB 36 RBI

Ethier will be the odd man out next year.

(Ed. Note: We at Curse of the Piazza do not endorse using RBIs as a meaningful statistic - but Ethier may very well be the odd man out, though with the injury history of both Crawford and Kemp he might prove to be a valuable piece to keep in the fold. The emergence of OF prospect Joc Pederson could throw more chaos into the mix but the problem of "which above-average OF should I play out of the 5 on the team?" is a great problem to have. -RMM)

Thanks, Big Rob!

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