24 July 2013

Big Rob's Take on Dodgers/Jays

Guest Blogger Big Rob is back for more...


Two days ago, through the magic of DVR, I was able to watch almost the entire Dodgers / Jays game after work. I had to be careful not to listen to any news report on the car radio.

The game reminded me of an Albuquerque Isotopes game.  Almost every ball hit seemed to have afterburners on. I finally had to go to sleep in the bottom of the eighth.  They were up by ten and I figured it was Brandon League time.

I was furious at the beginning of the game. Psycho and Collins were talking about the injury to Kemp. If there is one thing that burns me up is a player who does not respect the game enough to play it correctly. He did not hustle and because of this, he got hurt.

The extra man in the game two days ago was Shumaker, not exactly a terror with the bat. Yes, I know, he hit one out. But that’s beside the point.

I made an observation yesterday. Ethier has some type of mental block which makes him incapable of driving in runs. He came up twice with no one on and doubled each time. The only way you can score a run with Ethier hitting is if he hits into a double play which he did. Donny Baseball should put him in the leadoff spot.

On a side note, Psycho and Collins are terrible. I know we have been spoiled by the Great Vin Scully but they are bad. I didn’t think Ross Porter was so bad and though Big D was not a sportscaster by trade, I liked the insider’s view he brought to broadcast. Monday was OK but just barely. Monday has now fallen in with the bad habits and bad broadcasting of Steiner. It not just that Vin is so great -- just listen to some of the other broadcasters. I don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs but they are terrible. Maybe they can both be given jobs on the pre and post-game shows instead...


Donny Baseball? I don’t know.

Yesterday, the Dodgers had their most impressive come-from-behind victory this year.

They were down 8-3 to the Blue Jays late in the game. Their bats overwhelmed a very good Blue Jays bullpen and won the game 10-9. Jenson tried to give the game back in the 9th but he just couldn’t do it.

You guys are probably saying, “That guy was just badmouthing Ethier and saying he does not drive in runs." Well, if I have room in this column, I will badmouth him some more.

Maybe it just me and perhaps success will prove me wrong but I am not convinced with Donny Baseball as a manager. In the first half, the team couldn’t score to save its life. Donny was not very proactive. I saw several opportunities to squeeze runs over. Many times in the first half I saw runners at third and a weak hitter at the plate (ie. Punto and the rest of the team with the exception of Gonzalez) and never once did Donny squeeze.

The night before last, A.J. Ellis had the best game of his life driving in 5 runs. What does Donny do? He sits him. Ellis had a day off in D.C. he did not need the rest and if you must rest him, DH him.

Donny seems to be in love with Punto. Punto tries hard and always hustles but he is a lifetime .247 hitter. He is hitting .242 this year. Uribe is finally hitting. He is a very good fielder on a poor fielding team. Good ole Donny rests Uribe every other day. Why? He has been resting for two years. The bench had to play a lot the first half due to injuries. They have played too much. Let the bench sit now Donny.

The only one Donny does not sit is Gonzalez. Maybe because they are both first basemen and realistically he can’t afford to sit him but he could DH for one or two games. I am not going to blame the Marmol debacle on Donny Baseball. Marmol was probably forced on him by Colletti. Why, when we already have League?

Colletti should have been fired after signing Jason Schmidt.

One final observation, a missile is a guided weapon. It carries an on-board guidance system. A brain if you will. The term Cuban Missile is much too generous to describe Puig. I think he should be called the Cuban Rocket. A rocket is an unguided weapon with no guidance system. No brain if you will.  (Ed. note: Ouch.)


Thanks, Big Rob!

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