25 July 2013

Big Rob's Take on Dodgers' Sweep of Jays

Dodgers Steamroll Jays

Dodgers played their last game of a three game series in Toronto yesterday. Early on in the game they were back to their old ways again. Jays' starting pitcher, Esmil Rogers repeatedly allowed two runners to get on base with no outs but the Dodgers could not push them over. Hanley Ramirez, who had been en fuego, was not hitting. The Dodgers tied the game in the 9th and blue (not sp) up in the 10th, scoring 5 runs on homeruns by M. Ellis and the Cuban Rocket. Ethier also drove in two runs in the inning.

Ever since I began picking on Ethier, he has been driving in runs. I wonder who I should pick on next.

Ricky Nolasco pitched good enough to win. It is clear that Capuano is the weak link of the rotation. He is either very good or very bad with no middle ground.

Word has it the Dodgers arrived home a couple of hours ago. It’s 730am pacific as I write. No rest for the weary.

The Dodgers play a very good Reds team tonight at the Ravine. Can’t wait to hear The Great Vin Scully’s take on the Dodger Juggernaut.

Notes: Yesterday during the pre-game show, Steiner announced that Kemp had been placed on the DL AGAIN with a bad ankle, God's punishment for not hustling...

Thanks, Big Rob!

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