30 July 2012

First post in a while / 31 Plays in 31 Days / Random Johnny Bravo

I sorta' lost my posting mojo for a while but it looks like I'm back in the game... for now. In this post I'll do a brief run-through of my thoughts on the Dodgers, a bit of an update on my life, and my plans for August playwriting:

There's not much to say about the Dodgers that isn't better said by Moriyama, Petriello, or the noble souls over at True Blue LA. It's amazing the team's managed to stay competitive this long and I'm excited to see if they can at least keep the Giants from the postseason. A.J. Ellis has had a good season (as I predicted) and other players like his (not) inbred twin brother Mark Ellis have provided a half-decent base of support for Kemp, Ethier, and now Hanley Ramirez, who I think will flourish now that he's experienced a change of scenery away from that mess in Miami.

Colletti has been on fire so far this year, which is crazy for me to say because I'm a card-carrying member of the Fire Ned coalition. But buying low on Hanley was a tremendous move. Offseason deals with Capuano, Harang, and Hairston have paid off. The Ethier extension is pretty iffy because there's a low chance that he'll still be a middle-of-the-order bat 4-6 years from now, but it was sort of a necessary risk to take considering the dearth of talent in this year's free agent pool. Kemp, when healthy, has been the star of the squad. The pitching has been fantastic and truly the glue that keeps the whole thing sticking. Mattingly probably deserves a ton of credit for the way he's gotten the most out of this team. It's hard not to be pleased with the way 2012 has gone so far.

Coming off a revenge sweep of the Giants by the Bay certainly helps improve my demeanor.

Since I last posted I moved into the actual city of Washington D.C., just steps from the Capitol actually, and have begun feeling more confident in the role I plunged myself into last year when I decided to become a full-time playwriting fellow over at CUA. My life has consisted of a lot of writing recently, especially in the past month when I've tried to get myself back into the habit of doing it every day. I think I fell into a sort of melancholy funk my first year on the east coast. My soul was sort of lonely away from everything I knew. But in this year I've managed to take a hold of the city and make parts of it my own. With that comfort comes confidence. With that confidence comes success (not to mention a social life).

Anna just moved to town, she's going to GWU and getting a real degree (as opposed to my MFA - an acronym that I'm trying to modify so that it sardonically implies poverty... will get back to you on that). My dad, sister, and brother are coming this week to visit - the latter two making their first trek to D.C. (and their first trek to the east coast that isn't Florida, which doesn't really count anyway). I'm about to enter year 2 of a program I needed a full year to get used to. I'm feeling good. Things are looking up.

For August I'll be participating in 31 Plays in 31 Days, which is just as it sounds. Although I won't be writing Hedda Gabler every morning, I do intend to try and push as many 10-minute plays out of this period as possible. I'll post some of the stuff I write, as well as reflections on the experience. I go back to school the final week of August and will begin preparing for an eventful semester that will include a full (!!!) production of a new one-act play and a reading at the Kennedy Center's Page to Stage festival.

Like I said, things are looking up. Here's to a good August and happy Hanleywood!