20 June 2011

Suck it, Frank

@dylanohernandez: Bud Selig has rejected the #Dodgers' proposed TV deal with Fox.

Sure, things are only going to get uglier... but we're just one step closer to no more McCourt. June 30, here we come.

08 June 2011

Matt Kemp Pleads Fans to Return to Chavez Ravine

I know the whole McCourt backlash from the fans affects the players because there's less energy in the stadium, but I think it's only right for us to follow the advice of Dave Stewart, Kemp's agent...

VinScullyisMyHomeboy: Hey Dave, when is Matt Kemp signing that big contract?

Stewart: Soon as you get real owners.

Matt Kemp: Hey Dodger fans, when will you come back to the stadium?

Dodger Fans: Soon as you get real owners.

Plus, watching on TV has been nice lately. I still have no hope for the playoffs this season, but Kemp has been a monster at the plate.