08 June 2011

Matt Kemp Pleads Fans to Return to Chavez Ravine

I know the whole McCourt backlash from the fans affects the players because there's less energy in the stadium, but I think it's only right for us to follow the advice of Dave Stewart, Kemp's agent...

VinScullyisMyHomeboy: Hey Dave, when is Matt Kemp signing that big contract?

Stewart: Soon as you get real owners.

Matt Kemp: Hey Dodger fans, when will you come back to the stadium?

Dodger Fans: Soon as you get real owners.

Plus, watching on TV has been nice lately. I still have no hope for the playoffs this season, but Kemp has been a monster at the plate.


  1. Hey real quick! What do you get when you hit Juan Urine 5th and he comes up with runners on 1st and 3rd and nobody out?

    Answer: runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out... and a bowl of dicks.

  2. McCourt came to LA and saw that all you had to do was turn on the lights at Dodger Stadium and 40,000 people would show up. So he raised parking to $15 and then held up fans at every stop. He then laid a turd at 7 of 9 field positions because he did not want pay for real ball players. I am glad to see that the fans are finally wising up. No one should attend another game until the cheap carnival operator is gone.


  3. Esp. after getting a projector and throwing a 74'' picture.

  4. Ned Confetti's 2 big signings in the off season of Guerrier and Uribe are officially 2 big busts. Guerrier is a mess who constantly falls behind hitters, and when he does manage to throw strikes they get hit a really long way. The 3 yrs/12 mil he's getting is almost as bad as Juan Urine's 3 yrs/21 mil. I tell'ya what, I wouldn't mind seeing Frank McShyster take Ned Confetti with him when the time comes to pack up his circus tent.

  5. What's going on with this blog? The lack of dedication by our beloved blogmaster is quite disheartening to say the least. Now is the time to run wild with the implosions both on and off the field, yet our hallowed wordsmith and ink slinger, doth not take pen to paper...or in this case fingers to keyboard.