13 May 2011

I fancy cities with acronyms...

Well, I know when the first day of the rest of my life will be. It'll come in mid-August when my dad and I drive cross-country from L.A. to D.C., where I've been accepted to a 3-yr Playwriting MFA program and fellowship at Catholic University of America. It's full tuition, which makes my folks happy, and looks to be a great opportunity for me to work on my craft plus get involved in a thriving community of artists, which makes me happy.

It's a nice relief to have the stress of uncertainty off my back. And I think it'll be a unique and fun adventure for me. I'll get to explore the east coast in my down time, experience a presidential election in the nation's capitol, and have enough time to actually see everything at the Smithsonian (I'm guessing about 4 months). I'll also get to see some baseball in the east. When asked by my uncle whether I'd become a Nats or Orioles fan, I answered "Dodgers fan, stupid question."

Speaking of the boys in blue, they weren't content with being as bad as they were so they decided to get worse and brought up Juan Castro (one of the worst players in baseball in his fifth stint as a Dodger), optioning the never-played Ivan De Jesus Jr. to the minors. An infield of James Loney, Aaron Miles, Juan Castro, and Russ Mitchell would quite possibly be the single worst foursome since Ginger left the Spice Girls.

The team split their last roadtrip against the Mets and Pirates, teams a contender should beat. The Dodgers aren't contenders though, so they didn't beat them. Meanwhile, there is still word in the air that Frank McCourt won't be able to make his payroll at the end of the month. June 1 will be a fascinating day for Dodgers fans. The end of McCourt's reign of terror may be nigh.

We can only hope the next owner can give us better than Juan Castro.

--update-- If DodgerTalk host Joe Block is to be believed, Castro hurt himself before word of the call-up reached him in ABQ. We'll see how this plays out... You never want to root for an injury, but perhaps the baseball gods are trying to say something here.

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