11 April 2011

Our Offense is Offensive

I don't quite know how but the Dodgers have a winning record heading into San Francisco tonight for the first of three games against the defending chumps.

A few players are hitting the cover off the ball:
Matt Kemp: .438/.514/.656
Andre Ethier:.353/.436/.441
Tony Gwynn Jr. (!): .350/.381/.450
Jamey Carroll: .348/.423/.478
Xavier Paul and Casey Blake are also hitting above .350, albeit in very small sample sizes. But after that comes a HUGE drop off:
Juan Uribe: .111/.172/.148
Aaron Miles: .143/.200/.143
James Loney: .143/.184/.257
Rod Barajas: .222/.250/.333
That's pitiful.

Uribe, our big free agent signing, is the worst hitting position player on the team. Miles doesn't even belong on this team. Barajas' stats are ugly but are actually not very far from his career norms (scary). Not mentioned are Marcus Thames (.182) and Rafael Furcal (.208), also starting slow this season.

And Loney... well, don't get me started on Loney, whom, during what are supposed to be his peak years, has plummeted from being a below-average first-baseman to a straight up bad baseball player.

I knew the offense was going to be bad but this is just heinous. The sterling starts of Kemp, Ethier, and especially Gwynn have been a real pleasure and godsend for the Dodgers, but the rest of the bats are really bringing this team down. The Dodgers are 11th out of 16 in AVG and OBP, 13th in walks 14th in slugging, and tied for last in doubles and home runs.

The way they're hitting, there's no way Donnie Baseball's team can keep their heads above .500 for much longer.

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  1. How long before Jerry Sands is hitting 5th and Loney is picking splinters off his ass?