20 April 2011

Just a quick note

I've spent hours celebrating today's news.

April 20, often associated with some shifty things throughout history, shall now be known primarily (to me, at least) as Dodger Fan Independence Day.



  1. Frankie the Carnie is out.



  2. I'm sorry, I just found your blog here when I googled 'Ned Colletti Sucks'. Do you explain somewhere by what you mean 'Curse of the Piazza'

    Is this a theory of yours?

  3. Ara,

    It’s like The Curse of the Bambino. It is said that the Red Sox were cursed as a result of selling Babe Ruth (The Great Bambino) to the Yankees. The curse caused the Red Sox to go 86 years without winning a World Series. The Cubs are also cursed; their curse is The Curse of the Billy Goat. This curse was placed on the Cubs in 1945.

    If the Curse of the Piazza is real, it means that none of us will live long enough to see the Dodgers win another World Series. Hope that helps.


  4. You forgot the most important aspect Anusymous.

    FOX traded the greatest hitting catcher in the history of baseball (albeit the steroid era) in hopes of attaining the Marlins TV rights.

  5. http://curseofthepiazza.blogspot.com/search/label/First%20Post

    That about covers what these two didn't mention.