09 March 2011

Well, so much for pitching depth (plus picture day)

Why does John Ely look so smug? Well, it's probably because he may have just slipped from 7th starter to the Opening Day roster.

Projected #5 starter Jon Garland strained his oblique today. Couple that with Vicente Padilla's injury and it looks like that glorious pitching depth we were all so happy about is getting shallower and shallower by the moment. I hate to admit it, but Ned Colletti did well to amass as many arms as he could this offseason.

There's no guarantee that Ely will fill Garland's spot with Tim Redding getting lots of work in camp. Even though Joe Torre's gone, I can't imagine the team will suddenly stop making the moronic decision of putting washed up old guys on the team over talented youngsters. So far this spring, the two dueling arms -- Ely and Redding -- have both pitched well but there's still plenty of Spring Training left for all that to change. The hotter hand will likely get the call.

The other, more likely option is that the team will break camp with only four starters. The Dodgers won't need a 5th starter until April 10, meaning that they could carry another outfielder (like the out of options Xavier Paul) for a week and a half before bringing up Ely to make his start. I forget where I read it today (either TrueBlueLA or Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness - check the sidebar to the right for links), but the Dodgers traded the out of options Delwyn Young to the Pirates one day before Doug Mientkiewicz landed on the 60-day DL. You never know what'll happen.

So if I were a betting man, I'd say that Paul would enter the season with one last chance to stay with the team (his best bet would be an injury to a regular player so Tony Gwynn Jr. better watch his back). After ten days Ely would get the call.


In other news, check out how goofy some of the Dodgers Photo Day pics came out. Some of my personal faves:

Eugenio Velez looking like a cartoon character

A.J. Ellis scowling at Ned for signing Dioner Navarro to a major league deal.

Hector Gimenez looking like an enforcer for a drug cartel.

Marcus Thames can't shave symmetrically.

Russ Mitchell looking absolutely disgusting.

Dee Gordon looking like he belongs in a 3rd grade yearbook.

This guy, who's been erroneously (and hilariously) labeled "Vicente Padilla"
EDIT - turns out it's Dana Eveland, also known as the first cut of spring.

James Loney trying to look like a cool kid (a lot of the starters took photos with backward caps - none of them look good).

Ramon Troncoso looking like Raven Symmone

Juan Uribe looking more like a great-grandfather than a starting second baseman.

Don Mattingly sending Clayton Kershaw to his room without dinner

Davey Lopes has more wrinkles than an elephant's trunk

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