28 March 2011

Say Hello to your 25-Man

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness has the scoop:

Hitters (14)
C Rod Barajas R/R
C Hector Gimenez S/R
1B James Loney L/L
2B Ivan DeJesus, Jr. R/R
SS Rafael Furcal S/R
3B Juan Uribe R/R
IF Jamey Carroll R/R
IF Aaron Miles S/R
LF/OF Tony Gwynn, Jr L/R
LF/1B Jay Gibbons L/L
LF/PH Marcus Thames R/R
LF/OF Xavier Paul L/L
CF Matt Kemp R/R
RF Andre Ethier L/L

Pitchers (11)
SP Clayton Kershaw L
SP Chad Billingsley R
SP Ted Lilly L
SP Hiroki Kuroda R
CL Jonathan Broxton R
RP Hong-Chih Kuo L
RP Kenley Jansen R
RP Matt Guerrier R
RP Blake Hawksworth R
RP Mike MacDougal R
RP Lance Cormier R

Disabled List (4)
SP Jon Garland R
RP Vicente Padilla R
C Dioner Navarro S/R
3B Casey Blake R/R

My predictions never took account the fact that we would inevitably have disabled guys going into Opening Day, but I'm still rather proud of my Ivan DeJesus Jr. pick. Hopefully his glove and on-base skill keeps him on the roster.

There are also the big surprises we see every season. MacDougal, Cormier, Miles, and Gimenez weren't on anyone's radar 2 or 3 months ago. How long they'll last is anyone's guess.

Also, the team goes into the season not needing the 5th starter role (which looks like it might be Tim Redding's because the Dodgers are stupid), so they're carrying 6 OF's. It will only be a week or so before we see this roster churn a bit. Paul and Gimenez are out of options, which makes their presence on the 25-man essential for the Dodgers' hopes of keeping them around.

Gimenez' versatility seemingly vanishes if he is relegated to back-up catcher, usually the last guy out of the dugout. It will be interesting to see how Mattingly works the playing time between the two. It should be noted that the Gimenez/Ellis battle appears to be the only one really still alive, but Ellis (like lefty reliever Scott Elbert) has options and can be sent down. Keeping Cormier, Gimenez, and company is all about depth.


  1. Sounds like Gibbons, aka "Neander-Cranium" is headed to the DL becuz he had some 3rd rate Tijuana doctor do his el LASIK. Still having trouble with his depth perception. Apparently dude keeps missing the toilet bowl and hoses down the bathroom wall every time he takes a piss... Bravo Jay! Your big chance to make good on that comeback and you can't see from here to the peanut vendor. F-Me! Freakin' Obama-care!

  2. McCourt has to be he worst owner in baseball. He is all gimmick and scam, Brooklyn uniforms and chili dogs instead of a left fielder. He is a cheap carnival operator. What did we do to the baseball gods to deserve this jackass?