31 March 2011

It's a beautiful day for a ballgame...

Today's Forecast:
85 Degrees F
100% chance of baseball

Happy (real) First Day of Spring!

Furcal 6,
Gwynn, Jr. 7,
Ethier 9,
Kemp 8,
Loney 3,
Uribe 5,
Barajas 2,
Carroll 4,
Kershaw 1.

That's an ugly lineup. I'd switch Carroll and Gwynn but that's not going to do much to cover up the ugly lack of talent.


  1. As far as Opening Day festivities go, this one was another bowl of dicks. Speaking of which, those new dogs with the chili on them suck the big one, no bueno. As far as the baseball portion of it went, wow what a game Kershaw threw. Looks like the kid has finally arrived (9 K's, 1 BB). Unfortunately, Johnny B Atrocious felt compelled to make an appearance and remind us that every save situation this year will be a butt clencher as long as he has a say in it. Enjoy 1st place (tie).

    Wow! This just in. Baseball Tonight reporting that several savages wearing Dodger gear critically beat a Giants fan in the parking lot after the game last night. Dude is in critical condition. Horrible. What an Embarrassment!

  3. I feel very badly for Giant’s fan Bryan Stow who was attacked by primitive gang culture types because he wore the colors of another team. I am not surprised though. There has been a change at the stadium over the last dozen years or so. It seems that when the Raiders left, their fans began looking for a new home.

    Every year I find a new reason not to go to the stadium. Let me list a few: McCourt, being held up for $15 before entering the stadium, McCourt, being held up again when I get a dog and a drink, McCourt, waiting two hours to get in and out of the stadium, looking down on the field and thinking “I must be in Kansas City" and last but not least, having to put up with the drunken gang culture types. These thugs use to be relegated to the pavilions but now you find them all over the stadium. Who says crime doesn’t pay. Nine innings of having to hear these thugs using vulgar and obscene language, how can anyone take their kids to the stadium?

    This year was the first time in three years I missed opening day. The guy who use to take me got married and bought a house and there went the season tickets (curse the man who marries) but I don’t feel badly, I watched the game from a comfortable lazy boy chair, the Coca Cola I had cost me about a quarter and parking was a breeze.


  4. Why do we always get the crummy Gwynns?