16 March 2011

Donnie Baseball Acting Dumb

From The Times:

Batting matters

The Dodgers have the worst hitting team in the big leagues so far this spring, but Mattingly — formerly the team's batting coach — says he is not concerned.

"Not really. Not at all, actually," he said. "It just doesn't matter."

The Dodgers entered play Tuesday with a team batting average of .239, but once the regular season opens, "nobody remembers that this guy hit .450 in the spring or he hit .120," said Mattingly, who had 2,153 hits in his 14-year career with the New York Yankees.

"I saw [Gary] Sheffield go a whole camp without hardly getting a hit and he gets three hits the first day" of the regular season, Mattingly added. "Jesse Barfield, the same thing."

Mattingly also noted that until the Dodgers went flat in the latter half of 2010, "we were a pretty good offensive club" and one that still has "pretty much the same guys."

"I have no reason to think this isn't the same offense that we had two years ago or up until the [All-Star] break last year," he said.

Mattingly said the Dodgers' hitting woes wouldn't have come up much when he was playing (1982-95), but with advances in technology and real-time statistics always available, that has changed.

"Seriously, you did not ever see a stat sheet in spring training" in the past, Mattingly said. "Nobody ever really worried about it. It was just about getting ready."

Says the guy who never won a playoff Series. Mattingly ignores the fact that "advances in technology and real-time statistics" have actually helped teams improve their hitting. It's not just about "getting ready" anymore, especially when all the guys who are supposed to be getting ready are landing on the DL before the season even starts.

In addition, that whole entire thing about this team being very similar to the ones that went to the NLCS two straight years is silly because those teams had OBP and Manny. Spring stats may be bunk, but it's definitely much better to have something nice and bunk to look at than something awful and bunk.

So only weeks after praising Mattingly for being the anti-Torre, I'm quickly leaning toward "this guy is just as dumb."


  1. He is not acting.


  2. Sheff and Barfield go almost hitless in the spring then rake away come opening day...I wonder if either one of them are available, Donnie?