26 January 2011


I figure I'd share some of what I'm doing at school.

I'm taking four classes (would have been 5 but I was the only soul signed up for Intermediate German and LMU purged it from the schedule). I devote the time that would have been spent studying German for a grade simply studying German. I also find that I have enough time to read for pleasure, which is great.

I'm taking 4 English classes. RoadWrite is a course where we read literature about or based on things in the LA area and then do excursions or trips to explore the locations. We'll do a trip up to Big Sur in February and then a bus trip out to the desert in April. I'm really looking forward to this one. So far I've composed a fictional account of a fake Museum exhibit on the extravagant chess set collection of Ottokar II, King of Bohemia in the mid-13th century. Yup.

My only straight Literature class is Adventure in 19th Century American Lit, which looks to be good because there are some English department all-stars in the class and we have a professor who accepts no BS. I've already read ahead and look forward to getting through it. It fulfills one of my final requirements for graduation so it's not like it was my first choice as a class to take, since I prefer more recent lit to stuff I can't relate to as well, but I'm beginning to think this was a blessing in disguise.

I'm taking two writing courses - Fiction Writing (scene/dialogue) and Play Writing (One-Act, 10 minute plays). We haven't gotten too far in Fiction Writing, though I'm looking forward to improving my transitions between description and dialogue. I've already finished first drafts of two plays for Play Writing. One is called Baseball Diamonds are Forever and the other is the mouthful Rob and Robert Write a Play about Writing a Play.

I didn't end up getting the Fulbright and Bayreuth looks more appealing day by day. I'm putting off the application. I don't know why.

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  1. I know you can't post "Rob and Robert" yet because someone could steal it (ala Adaptation) but it is hilarious! Love that your classes all seem to fit. So sad about the lone scholar german thing. Imagine if that poor professor had had no takers at all:(