28 December 2010

Thoughts on "The Boys of Summer"

I'm entrenched in Roger Kahn's The Boys of Summer right now and something he said rang true with regards to my work this past semester on the state of American higher education.

"All the NYU Bronx campus lacked was a balanced curriculum, an intellectual climate and girls. IT was not a college, but an anticollege. It was not a place of learning but a theater of memorization. It was an institution where students regarded Lear's catastrophe as insignificant unless it was worth eight points on an exam." (47-48)

Sounds familiar...

"'What do you want to do?'"

I paused. Dr. Jones looked like someone to trust. 'Well, sir, I believe I'd like to be a writer.'

'A writer!' Dr. Jones spoke so loudly that I blushed. 'Then what on earth are you doing at a place like this?'" (48)

Kahn, Roger. The Boys of Summer. New York: Perennial Library, 1987. Print.
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  1. It was in my Dad's bookshelf. An old Dodgers parking stub served as a bookmark about 1/3 of the way through.