14 September 2010

Why I dig Chris Christie

Since I guess all I've posted recently are communist manifestos and diatribes detailing my vast anti-American hate (Praise Allah!), let me take some time to highlight Chris Christie, a guy who I hope to God doesn't turn to the dark side and affiliate himself with nutjobs like Palin or the Tea Party wing of the Republican party.

Watch as he destroys this know-it-all teacher, first by chiding her for her childish behavior and then defending himself against her attacks point by point. There's some fuzzy math (what's $100 million between friends?), but I like his bluntness. Whether its just the way he is or simply a show to set him apart - it works.

Good for you, Chris Christie. The phattest governor in the land.


  1. Refreshing. The good gov gets my vote.

  2. Haha awesome. We need more people who are willing to openly and honeslty take on the teachers unions.

  3. Seriously. This is the most bad-ass governor I've ever seen.