22 August 2010

Vin Scully to Return in 2011!

Vin Scully:
“I’m just honored and humbled to continue my association with the Dodgers, which has been a major part of my life."

He's coming back!

Wonderful news. He's going to do all home games and NL West road games - same deal as this year and year before.

Awesome. Just Awesome.

Here's to Year 62 in the booth, Vin!


The Dodgers, in their efforts to dampen this great announcement, claimed fatboy Rod Barajas today from the Mets. He's not good. At all. But he's better than Ellis and Ausmus at this point.

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  1. The sale of the Dodger to Fox Corp. in 1998 left me feeling uneasy. The feeling you get when you move to a new neighborhood or when you leave your old job but what I did not know at the time was that my uneasiness was a harbinger of bad things to come. After all, the O’Malley’s if anything were steady and consistent. The team had had two managers in 40 years. The stadium was a place to bring the wife and kids.

    How things have changed. I no longer get the same pleasure that I once did when going to Dodger Stadium. I think the negative feeling begin at the entrance when Mr. McCourt holds me up for $15.00 to park. My feeling do not improve once I am in the stadium because I have listen to some drunken thug in baggy clothes and wearing his Dodger cap with a flat bill yelling obscenities. I am further depressed by the realization that the displaced Raider Nation has found a new home in Dodger Stadium. To make things worse, I remember how the “Two Bagger” use to cost $1.

    If the outrageous prices and unsavory characters in the stands are not enough, we know have a pair of owners engaged in a very public divorce. Can you in your wildest dream imagine the O’Malley’s doing this? The owner of the Dodgers is so cash strapped that his biggest off season addition to the team was Jamie Carroll. I never heard of the guy until this year.

    BUT WAIT! There is a light at the end of the tunnel; The Great Vin Scully is coming back for another season.