01 August 2010

Vin Scully - God

One of these days I'll post about how wonderful a human being Vin Scully is, and how he's practically raised me my entire life, and how he infuses his game calling with such wonderful little quirks, references, and aphorisms, and how the man is quite simply God...

...but that's not today. Today I'll just share some of his interviews I've had laying around. The guy is baseball and these interviews are just wonderful for anyone who loves the game.

I've always said one of the best things about Vin is his objectivity - how he'll always give the other team their due, never favoring the Dodgers. It's fitting that he gives such wonderful interviews for the radio shows for two rivals, Anaheim and San Diego.

  • Also, Mike Brown over at The Left Field Pavilion has a Vin page on his site, complete with audio clips of some of his greatest calls. Take some time and listen in there if you get the chance.
  • Roberto over at Vin Scully is my Homeboy has some of the photos from Andre Ethier's photoshoot with LA Times Magazine. Not as gay as Kobe's. This one is for the ladies.
  • FanGraphs on Garret Anderson, a player no team that considers itself a "contender" should ever waste a roster spot on.
  • Finally, this.

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  1. Couldnt agree more....I had heard the Angels one, but not the Padres interview...thanks for posting this.