21 August 2010

Slow Week

My apathy for that miserable ballclub has made this a rather slow week around Curse of the Piazza headquarters. Last night they lost another game where they scored only one run... on a squeeze no less. As much as I love hearing Vin, I can't subject myself to such agony. There's only one word that can adequately describe the 2010 LA Dodgers season.

Seriously - two straight years of being only 3 games away from the World Series and this is the 2010 Dodgers? You can call me "fairweather" or what you will, but there's one thing I'm not and that's a chump. And you'd have to be a chump to continue lapping up this rotten milk.

So instead of lamenting this abortion of a season, find something else to do. I've been active trying to set up some new organizational changes for my fraternity. I've also been listening to a lot of Righteous Brothers... take that as you will.

I can think of at least two dozen terrible things I'd rather do that go to the Ravine, where the level of my game enjoyment, already dwindling year to year, has freefalled in 2010.

Miserable parking.
Miserable concessions.
Miserable stupid fans.
Miserable scoreboard antics.
Miserable singers butchering God Bless America when all I really want to do is stretch.
Miserable, miserable Dodgers.


My sister, as some of you know, is a hell of a singer.
Check out these two videos:
Meghan Montenegro sings "I Ain't Got You"
Meghan Montenegro sings "Hurt"


I built a new website for my chapter of ADG. It is here: ADGLambda.com

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