06 August 2010

Singles Night at Dodger Stadium

I'll be providing live coverage via Twitter tonight from Singles Night tonight at the Ravine.

I feel that's a fitting name, since you certainly wouldn't find anything called Doubles Night, Triples Night, Home Run Night, or Score Some Goddamn Runs Night up at Dodger Stadium.

The team got shutout again last night, wasting another solid start by Chad Billingsley. The defense was a big culprit Thursday, as Casey Blake and Scott Podsednik did their best to ensure Padre victories. After blowing up for 9 runs on Wednesday, the Dodgers answered back against the Padres' worst starter, Kevin Correia, with a big fat goose egg. Garret Anderson was able to make two of the Dodgers' 27 outs and Andre Ethier had to play an inning of first base for the first time in his professional career.

Just grand.

This really says all there is to say about last night:

Credit for that goes to Chad Moriyama over at Memories of Kevin Malone.

Dodgers W-L with J.Mart on DL: 1-1

As for Single's Night, it's sure to be a sausagefest, with the only girls being some trashy cholas (and certainly not either of the señoritas pictured above). Tune in for live coverage of the night, including some fine observations about the girls who could probably put up better numbers (while downing more hot dogs) than Ronnie Belliard and details of every epic fail. One thing is for sure, the fans have a better chance of scoring tonight than the team.

Oh, that's right, there's a ballgame too, but since we'll be facing the daunting Washington Nationals, my bold prediction is an 8-1 loss, the 1 from a Garret Anderson sacrifice fly that will ensure him a spot on the team for the rest of the season.

That's Dodger Baseball.

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