09 August 2010

Oh Glorious Day!

Mike Piazza's Tragic Illness really says all there is to say about the DFA of Dodger Incompetence Poster Boy, Garret Anderson.

Meanwhile, I went to the game yesterday and watched a rare offensive surge from the Dodger scrubs, highlighted by Jamey Carroll getting on base a million times and Matt KKKKemp donning the golden sombrero.

The Dodgers won 8-3, Ted Lilly got his second straight win, and new Dodger legend Jay Gibbons got a pinch-hit RBI single in his first Dodgers at-bat. Reed Johnson later came up with a 2 RBI single in the pinch, Carroll just managing to dodge the catcher's tag to bring home run number eight. How fitting that the day Garret Anderson gets the hook Dodgers pinch-hitters go 2-2 with 3 RBIs.

I brought my German friends, who were amazed at how empty the stadium was. They never announced the attendance.

Dodgers W-L post-GA: 1-0

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