05 August 2010

Nicaraguan Death Squad Executes Padres

The Dodgers' offense finally showed up to the party last night. Too bad they were about two weeks late.

Riding on the back of a Vincente Padilla 2-hit shutout, the Dodgers pounded the Padres 9-0 in front of 49,000 (ish) stunned fans at Chavez Ravine - stunned because getting 9 runs from that offense is akin to getting a year's salary in one week's paycheck.

Andre Ethier hit his 17th home run of the season, one of his three hits on the night. Casey Blake, Jamey Carroll, and Vicente Padilla himself each got two hits a piece. Even Scott Podsednik, he of a .179 batting average as a Dodger, got in on the fun, with a couple RBIs to go along with a run and stolen base.

But the man of the night was Vicente "The Nicaraguan Death Squad" Padilla, who, despite not killing anyone, still managed to completely devastate San Diego's hitters. He took a no-hitter into the 7th inning and eventually went the distance (though you know Torre was probably fighting the urge to bring Sherrill in to make it interesting). Padilla's 60-something-MPH curveball, called the "Eephus" by some, the "soap bubble" by others (including Vin, so that's what we'll call it), has become his signature pitch, and made quite a few Padres jelly-legged at the dish last night.

Last night marked another amazing start from a Dodgers pitching staff that couldn't get anyone out in April. Naturally, the offense that exploded at the beginning of the season had been off taking a dump the past month or so. Hopefully last night wasn't just an anomaly and Brad Ausmus' intimidation factor in the lineup continues to benefit his fellow Dodgers.

And of course, the day after I joked about a Carroll, Castro/Hu, Theriot, Belliard infield, one consisting of Blake, Carroll, Theriot, and Belliard starts the game where the offense goes bananas.

Isn't that Dodger baseball?

Dodgers Record with J.Mart on DL: 1-0


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