02 August 2010

Ned Colletti Sucks - 710 Interview

Here's Ned Colletti calling into 710 ESPN Radio and getting blown by Mason and Ireland.

Here's what he says:
  • Belisario should be back in the next few weeks.
  • He has plenty of confidence in the bullpen and rotation.
  • Ned refused to trade Manny because he really feels like #99 makes a difference in the lineup. He also said that he was low-balled by teams who called him about Ramirez.
  • He's banking on San Diego hitting a dry spell.
  • Lilly should start tomorrow.
  • Colletti goes on to say that if you intend to compete, you have to make moves in the last week of July. Basically, he made the moves for the sake of making the moves.
  • He thinks he made the 25th player on his team better. Oops.
Mason and Ireland laud Ned for picking up "4 new players," but never really mention that they're not the right four players for this team.

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