09 August 2010

In Search of BBQ and Lucas May

I'm heading to Kansas City tomorrow for a fraternity conference. I take off at around 6 p.m. L.A. time, wait in the airport at Dallas for 7 hours, then hop on up to KC. I'll be taking in the Thursday night Royals/Yanks game. I also hope to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum.

I'd love to say that I'll come back with a whole load of photos, but my camera was one of many casualties at Dodgers Single's Night. I might try and get a temporary fix - I'm a photo maniac. I went to Milwaukee last season and must have taken over 100 photos at Miller Park.

Updates will be sparse, but I'll try and keep my Twitter going. The weather forecast, on a scale from "not miserable at all" to "George Sherrill warming up in the bullpen," is at the point where Honeycut gets on the phone to tell Kenny Howell that the left-handed fatass (as opposed to the right-handed one), should warm up should a tied game go into the 9th.

At least there will be KC barbecue. Oh, will there be barbecue. Hopefully it'll distract me from the Dodgers/Phils series, because I know the Boys in Blue will take full advantage of missing both Hamels and Halladay by getting swept.

EDIT - purchased a small dinky camera at Walgreens. Should at least let me get some photos.

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