03 August 2010

Curse of the Podsednik?

All right, this is just getting silly now.

Last night the Dodgers lost their sixth straight game to NL West rivals, falling 9 games back of the division leading Padres. Clayton Richard defeating Hiroki Kuroda for the second time in a week. And the Dodgers offense, despite a 5-5 performance by Matt Kemp, again found trouble scoring runs.

You could say that the five runs they put up last night is a slugfest compared to what they have done since the All-Star break. But you can also say that they should have scored ten, with the 14 hits they produced and the 4 walks they were granted. But alas, despite their ability to clog the bases, the Dodgers again proved a definite ineptitude to score runs, built upon shoddy baserunning and the inability to hit in the clutch.

For God's sake, they had 7 hits in the first 3 innings and nothing to show for it.

Every lineup slot managed a hit except for the one guy you'd imagine shouldn't be going 0-5 in a game like this - Scott Podsednik. Despite the big g-words Torre & Co. love to shower upon Scotty Pods (Grinder, Gamer, Grit), he has proved to be a huge disappointment when it comes to the H-word (hits), R-word (runs), and P-word (production).

TrueBlueLA mentioned Podsednik's amazing start to his Dodger career today.

"Since Scott Podsednik debuted as a Dodger, Los Angeles has lost five straight games, and given up three games in the division standings. As a semi-random point of comparision, after Steve Finley was acquired at the 2004 deadline, the Dodgers won five of six and added four games to their division lead.

The Dodgers are a blazing 0-6 since acquiring Scotty Pods, not quite the spark Colletti envisioned when he sent Lucas May and Elisaul Pimentel packing to Kansas City. Additionally, the L.A. Times' T.J. Simers mentioned earlier this week that Podsednik has already isolated himself from his new teammates in the clubhouse. But at least he's gritty, right?

Well... no. He's been abominable at the top of the lineup - .227/.250/.477 - while striking out over a quarter of the time - six in 22 trips to the plates. The inflated slugging percentage you can thank an official scorer for, who felt it fitting to award a triple to Scotty for a ball that any decent major league outfielder could catch.

Podsednik is by no means the cause of all the trouble here. This team was in freefall way before he arrived. But no one should be surprised at his lack of production.

He is, after all, a Dodger.

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