30 August 2010

The Battle of Los Angeles

What a photo.

Today is the first day of Jamie v. Frank..., or is it Frank v. Jamie? For the sake of consistency, I'm going to call it Shithead v. Shithead.

For all your Shithead v. Shithead coverage, make sure you follow www.DodgerDivorce.com. The site's author, Joshua Fisher, has a background in law and has been covering the story for months now on his blog. He's appeared on ESPN Radio, among other places, to discuss the trial. He's also talked to me on Twitter before. Because I'm awesome. Or as awesome as a Twitterer can be...

Regardless - Manny's gone, season's over, and the team looks flat once again after an glimmer of life in Milwaukee.

Aside from Shithead v. Shithead, the other big matchup to look forward to is Mattingly vs. Wallach - as Donnie Baseball and Tim Wallach both appear to be in solid positions to jump into the captain's seat next season.

Be it here resolved that Curse of the Piazza officially endorses Tim Wallach for manager.

And Donnie Baseball for bat boy.

And Jonathan Broxton for Taiwan.

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